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IT Support

IT Support in Croydon

Many companies are just not big enough to have their own in-house IT support. At the same time, IT is absolutely critical to businesses of all sizes today. You need to have your infrastructure working efficiently around the clock. And that’s where the dedicated IT support of SCS can play such an important role.

Much our work is done remotely, which means the process is seamless and unobtrusive. It’s like having your own IT department off-site, taking charge of routine admin and solving problems when they arise. But at SCS, we go a stage further – pro-actively monitoring potential issues and tackling them before they become an issue. That’s why with our IT support the majority of our customers find their systems are up and running 99% of the time.

In the event that you do encounter a significant issue, we’re committed to getting it fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is often as little as a few minutes, as we log on and access your servers in real time. And, of course, if the situation requires it, we’re always happy to visit your business premises too. We’re popular with companies in Croydon, South London, Kent and Surrey precisely because they know we’re only a short drive away.

How does the IT support service work?

Whether your business relies on Windows computers, Apple Macs, mobile devices or a combination of all of these, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and can create an IT support package that’s appropriate for your needs. One size does not fit all. Once we understand more about your requirements, we’ll make a suggestion as to the most appropriate option, which might include unlimited IT support, a pay-as-you-go service or cover for one particular part of your infrastructure (e.g. servers).

At a glance

  • Supporting you remotely by phone and email.
  • Monitoring your systems proactively 24/7.
  • Overseeing admin.
  • Covering server and workstation operating systems.
  • Assisting with applications such as Microsoft Office and server-based software.
  • Checking web connectivity, server availability and backup status.
  • Managing your IT assets, such as licenses and warranties for hardware and software.


For more information on our IT Support Croydon, contact us today or call us on 020 8655 1696 we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Our IT support plan

Managed Service

Our managed services allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of having your very own IT team. Our Team pro-actively monitor any potential issues and should they occur we are committed to getting it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Pay as you go

Our Pay as you go service is perfect for those customers who need support but for whatever reason may not want to commit to a monthly contract. Simply pay for what you need without being tied into any long-term financial commitments.