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Remote Access Solutions

Remote Access Solutions

It is increasingly likely that staff will need to access company data from outside the office, whether it’s an occasional occurrence or a permanent arrangement. Remote working is becoming more and more popular, with businesses having agile, geographically diverse workforces.

Whether it’s a simple need for a manager to access their work computer from home, a branch office needing to connect to headquarters or a fleet of remote workers needing to collaborate, we can provide a remote access solution to suit.

Solutions include:

  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). These allow users or offices to access the main business network as if there were in the office. All data is encrypted to ensure all data it’s kept private whilst in transit.
  • Remote Desktop. This type of solution allows line of business applications to be installed and managed centrally with workers able to access over virtually any type of Internet connection, even those with relatively poor performance.
  • Web-based. Many applications use websites to achieve collaboration and remote access to data. Microsoft office 365-based solutions such as hosted email and Sharepoint allow excellent collaboration opportunities from anywhere in the world.


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