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Email Security & Archiving

Email Security & Archiving

We receive so many emails every day that we very rarely stop to think about what we’re opening. Email is a very popular way of carrying out cyber-attacks however so it’s very important to think about whether or not your business is protected against this.

With our email security and archiving solutions, we can prevent spam and phishing emails from initiating an attack while drastically reducing the amount of time users spend managing their inboxes.

Whether your industry regulations stipulate that you need to keep records of all your emails or you simply want to improve how you manage archives, SCS can provide an ideal and cost-effective solution.

We can help you to set up and maintain a searchable archive of sent and received emails – including the ones between colleagues. This provides you with a permanent record of communications which may be vital if you need to keep email proof of business transactions, contractual agreements or compliance with regulations.

The benefits of email archiving

  • Preserve data – you can quickly and easily respond to audits or requests for transactions or documents.
  • Recover lost and deleted files.
  • You can easily search and retrieve electronically stored information.
  • Protect orders, quotes, negotiations, decisions and any other critical data in emails and file attachments.
  • Frees up space in your inbox.


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