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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

For many businesses, the first service to move into the cloud is email.  Relatively few businesses operate their own email systems now, they have moved to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft’s Office 365, in which we have considerable experience.

Placing more of your business resources ‘in the cloud’ might make the most sense if your workforce is geographically diverse.  Remote Access Solutions [< LINK] are also useful here.

There are many advantages to storing data in the ‘Cloud’ and many IT support companies heavily endorse the benefits. But at SCS we’ll only recommend Cloud Computing as an option if we genuinely believe it’s right for your business – and within your budget.

It’s obviously a huge benefit to be able to access company emails from any location, particularly if people in your company travel as part of their jobs or perhaps work from home. As a Microsoft partner, we are also able to provide solutions based on Office 365.

Scalable and flexible, Cloud Computing allows you to adjust the amount of data you store and stay right up to date with the very latest versions of software and applications.

It’s also possible that this virtual storage solution can play a key part in data recovery and backup. If your data is stored in the Cloud, you can be quickly operational again – retrieving email and files from smartphones or any computer that has access to the web.

Ready to take things a step further? Even servers, applications and telephony can be moved to the Cloud, although we’d recommend that we review the options with you face to face, as this involves another layer of complexity.

For more information on our Cloud Computing services, contact us today or call us on 020 8655 1696 we’d be delighted to hear from you.