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Solicitors – Are you Compliant?

The rapidly changing legal market is highlighted as a priority in the Solicitors Regulation Authority Risk Outlook Report 2016/17

The SRA has issued guidelines highlighting how quickly the legal market is changing and how this can have an impact on how companies can innovate and grow while ensuring that they’re still properly protected.

While it’s known that people who take independent legal advice are happier with the outcome of their legal problems than those who do not, many either can’t afford or choose not to access legal services.

The SRA wants to help tackle the problem of unmet legal needs and build public trust in legal services. The challenges surrounding areas such as cybercrime and money laundering for example are changing rapidly and require constant vigilance and this is something that a lot of businesses need help with.

In the wider economy, around two thirds of large businesses detected a cyber security attack or breach in 2015-2016. The true figure is in fact likely to be higher however because not all attacks will have been detected or reported.

Cybercrimes and scams include:


Harmful software including viruses, programmes allowing access to data and ‘ransomware’ that encrypt files and demand a ransom in return for a decryption key.

Social engineering

Where a criminal gains confidential information through building a personal relationship with an employee.

Friday afternoon fraud

Using details gained from hacking or social engineering to impersonate a bank or client.

CEO fraud

Here a criminal impersonates a senior figure at a firm through hacking their email address or purchasing a very similar email address in order to impose authority and order money transfers.

Information security is about people and processes just as much as it is about the secure use of technology. Well-informed staff are just as important as keeping antivirus systems up to date when it comes to being cyber secure and this is where Shirley Computer Services can help you.

If you would like more information about protecting your business from cyber-crimes, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.